Lake Placid Women’s Ironman Triathlon

Scatter Plots
Linear Regression
The data set looks at female participatants in the triathlon Ironman.

Michael Schuckers, Matthew Abel, and A.J. Dykstra


June 17, 2023


The motivation for this data analysis is to explore the relationships between swim times, bike times, and run times (in minutes) in order to gain insights into the performance patterns of the athletes. By analyzing these relationships, we can understand the interplay between different segments of the race and potentially identify areas of improvement for athletes.


The main data set has 489 rows with 17 columns. Each row represents a female who has participated in the Ironman in 2022. Additionally, a subset of 2022 female Canadian participants is available and has 64 rows.

Variable Description
Bib registration number of each runner used for identification
Name The participant’s name
Country What country the participant is from
Gender The participant’s gender
Division The age range or membership a runner is
Division.Rank Within the divisions, the place each runner has obtained over all races
Overall.Time The total time it took to complete the Ironman in minutes
Overall.Rank The runner’s finishing place for that particular triathlon
Swim.Time The time in minutes it took to complete the swimming portion
Swim.Rank The place the runner finished for the swim portion
Bike.Time The time in minutes it took to complete the biking portion
Bike.Rank The place the runner finished for the bike portion
Run.Time The time in minutes it took to complete the running portion
Run.Rank The place the runner finished for the running portion
Finish.Status States whether someone completed the Ironman successfully
Location Where the Ironman takes place
Year They year when the mentioned participant ran




  • With the different times and rank variables, you can explore the relationships between them through things like correlation coefficients and linear regression.

  • Other things like finding the best variables at predicting a runner’s overall rank in a race and then even a division rank would be easy to model using this data set.

SCORE Modules

The following SCORE modules are associated with these data.


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