Olympic Swimming History

exploratory data analysis
Olympic swimming data from 1912-2020. Includes athlete name, year, team, location, time, medal/no medal, stroke, distance, etc.

Andrew Poock


July 2, 2024


Source: olympics.com Background: results of swimming races in the olympics from 1912-2020


Each row is an event that an athlete competed in, with 4359 total rows. There are no missing values, and the columns are as follows:

Variable Description
Location Hosting city
Year Year of Olympics
Distance Distance in meters. Relays are the number of swimmers by the distance swam by one swimmer
Stroke Stroke type
Relay? 0-Individual/1-Relay
Gender Men/Women
Team 3 Letter country code
Athlete Name of athlete
Results Time minutes:seconds.decimal
Rank 0-DNS or DQ/1-Gold/2-Silver/3-Bronze/4-No Medal/5-No Data


  1. What is the difference between winning times for men/women? Between strokes?

  2. What is the difference in time between gold and not medaling?


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