2023 Boston Marathon runners

Summary statistics
The data set looks at the 2023 Boston Marathon results.

Jack Fay, A.J. Dykstra, and Ivan Ramler


June 27, 2023


The Boston Marathon is an annual road race that takes place in the City of Boston Massachusetts. Attracting thousands of runners of varying skill and experience, year after year participants from around the world gather to compete for world records, divisional records, and personal bests. Examining the results of these athletes yields an interesting look into the spread and distribution of the times of all runners who successfully completed the historic race.


The data set contains 26598 rows and 15 columns. Each row represents a runner who completed the Boston Marathon in 2023

Variable Description
age_group age group of the runner
place_overall finishing place of the runner out of all runners
place_gender finishing place of runner among the same gender
place_division finishing place of runner among runners of the same gender and age group
name name of runner
gender gender of runner
team team the runner is affiliated with
bib_number bib number of runner
half_time half marathon time of runner
finish_net finishing time timed from when they cross the starting gate
finish_gun finishing time of runner timed from when the starter gun is fired
age_group age group of the runner
half_time_sec half marathon time in seconds
finish_net_sec net finish in seconds
finish_gun_sec gun finish in seconds
Data file



  • What summary statistics are relevant to examine for finishing time?

  • Which race times would be considered outliers?

  • Are there extreme outliers?

  • Which runner, the top male or top female, was more remarkable in comparison to their respective fields?


Boston Athletic Association