500m Short Track Speed Skating

Summary Statistics
Race and Lap times from 500m short track speed skating athletes at European Championship, World Cup, World Championship and Olympic events.

Gavin Cassidy


June 13, 2024


This data set was found via kaggle

Speed Skating is a competition where athletes compete to see who can complete a distance in the shortest amount of time. There are two iterations of Speed Skating, long track, where athletes have their own lane and compete on a 400m oval without any contact with competitors, and short track, where 4-6 athletes compete simultaneously on a 111m circuit. A 500m race consists of 4 and 1/2 laps with flying around turns and drafting off each other. Short track speed skating tends to be very contact heavy and crowded, with competitors jostling for position while flying around turns leading to some chaotic races and dangerous crashes. Skaters are able to complete a full lap of the 111m track in just over 8 seconds, leading to quick but exciting races.


The Short Track Speed Skating data set contains 5125 rows and 28 columns, where each row is 1 race from an athlete at either the European Championship, World Cup, World Championship, or Olympics. Each row includes lap times and placements, as well as location and qualification status. This data set contains each race from the 2012/13 season up to the end of 2016 in the 2016/17 season. The columns for each row are as follows:

Variable Description
Season the season the race occurred during, ex. 2015/2016
Series the type of event, ex. World Championships
City the city where the event is located
Country the abbreviation of the country where event is located
Year the year of the event
Month the month of the event
Day the day of the event
Distance the distance (500m for all)
Round the round that the race occurred during
Group the group of the racer for the particular round
Num_Skater the number of the skater for the event
Name the name of the skater
Nationality the nationality of the skater
Rank_In_Group the rank of the skater in their race
Start_Position the position on the track where the skater started, 1 is on the inside
Time the time of the skater
Qualification the qualification status of the racer for their race, included penalties
rank_lap1 the rank of the racer after lap 1 (lap 1 is the first half lap)
time_lap1 the time of the racer after lap 1 (lap 1 is the first half lap)
rank_lap2 the rank of the racer after lap 2 (laps after 1 are tracked on the finish line)
time_lap2 the rank of the racer after lap 2
rank_lap3 the rank of the racer after lap 3
time_lap3 the time of the racer after lap 3
rank_lap4 the rank of the racer after lap 4
time_lap4 the time of the racer after lap 4
rank_lap5 the rank of the racer after lap 5
time_lap5 the time of the racer after lap 5
Time_Event the date of event expressed as year followed by a decimal month and day

Data File: speed_skating_500m.csv


  1. How are the lap times and overall times distributed?

  2. What laps are more crucial to a good placement and time?

  3. What might cause some athletes to have times that are extreme outliers?


International Skating Union via kaggle

Data set source: https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/seniorwx/shorttrack?resource=download