UFC Striking Statistics

Normal Distribution
UFC fighter data containing information about height, weight, striking, reach, stance, and takedowns. Since the striking accuracy distribution is approximately normal, we will look at proportions and percentiles of fighters with “good” and “bad” percentages.

Brendan Karadenes


March 1, 2023


The dataset was found via kaggle (https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/rajeevw/ufcdata)

Since the UFC is fairly recent compared to other professional sports leagues, there are less data analytics around the sport compared to other leagues. Therefore, it is important to provide interpretable analysis to gain traction in analyzing data from the UFC.


The UFC_stats dataset contains 1673 rows and 14 columns. Each row represents a fighter and their career statistics. The columns are shown below.

Variable Description
fighter_name First and last name of fighter
Height Fighter’s height in inches
Weight Weight in lbs. of the fighter
Reach Wingspan in inches of the fighter
Stance Fighter’s orientation
Birthyear Fighter’s year of birth
SLpM Strikes landed per minute
Str_Acc Striking accuracy percentage
SApm Strikes attempted per minute
Str_Def Striking defense percentage
TD_Avg Takedown average per fight
TD_Acc Takedown accuracy percentage
TD_Def Takedown defense percentage
Sub_Avg Submission average


  • What proportion of fighters have a “good” accuracy percentage?

  • What proportion of fighters have a “bad” accuracy percentage?

  • What proportion of fighters are in the grey area (between 30 and 60 percent)?

  • Fighters with the top 10% for accuracy percentage have above what accuracy percentage?

  • Find Q1 of accuracy distribution.


Data Set Source: https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/rajeevw/ufcdata