2022 Divison III Women’s Soccer Results

Chi-square test for association
Division III women’s soccer teams game results from 2022 season

Hope Donoghue, Robin Lock


Have you ever wondered if you know how many goals the home team scored in a soccer game then can you predict how many goals the opponent scored? Is there a relationship between this? With this data set on NCAA Division III women’s soccer data from the 2022 season you will be able to explore this question.


The data set consists of 3753 games among 431 teams in the 2022 Division III women’s soccer season. Each row represents one game in the season.

Variable Description
away_team Name away team
away_score The number of goals the away team scored in game
home_team Name of home team
home_score The number of goals the home team scored in game
date Date of game


  1. Do you think the correlation value for Home Score vs. Away Score will be negative or positive? Explain your answer.

  2. Find the correlation value for Home Score vs. Away Score from the data set. Interpret the correlation value in context.

  3. Perform a test for association to see if the correlation value from above is statistically significant. Make sure to state the hypotheses clearly.

  4. Describe the distribution of home scores or away scores. Would a normal (symmetric, bell-shaped) distribution be reasonable for scores?

  5. There are a lot of games in the data set with many different scorelines that range from 0-0 all the way to 18-0. But there are very few games with high scores. Treat the scores as categories, but lump all of the larger scores into one category (e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3 or more). Create a two-way contingency table of home vs, away scores using these categories and test for an association.


Data web scraped from the D3soccer.com website. https://www.d3soccer.com/seasons/women/2022/schedule