NFL Draft Combine

Exploratory Data Analysis
Linear regression
NFL Scouting Combine Event scores from 2004 - 2023

Shane Hauk, Michael Schuckers, Robin Lock


August 3, 2023


The data set has statistics with variables for player draft information and how they performed in events at the NFL Scouting Combine. The variables for draft information are position and Round. The variables for the NFL Scouting Combine events are forty, vertical, bench_reps, broad_jump, and shuttle. Some entries are NA if a player was not drafted or did not prticipate in some events.


Each row of data gives gives information on position, draft round, and event scores for one of 6128 players at the NFL Scouting Combine between 2004 and 2023.

Variable Description
position Playing position of the player
Round Round player was drafted in
forty 40-yard dash time
vertical Vertical jump height (inches)
bench_reps 225 bench press reps
broad_jump Broad jump distances (inches)
shuttle 20-yard shuttle time



  1. How is player draft position related to any of the scores at NFL Combine events?

  2. How does the distribution of event scores differ between various football positions?


The data is complied from Sports Reference StatHead Football.